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Digital agency "Franklin"

We establish visual brand messaging
We create websites and develop mobile and SmartTV applications
We craft websites, web services, and mobile applications guided by user scenarios and data-driven analysis.
We engage in the design, construction, and maintenance of websites, intricate web services, and mobile applications.
We acquire leads via online advertising, establish client communication via social media platforms, and configure comprehensive analytics from start to finish.


Our portfolio includes business automation initiatives, diverse startup ventures, a mobile app tailored for traders, and over 200 additional projects. These range from corporate and promotional websites to high-traffic web services and e-commerce platforms.


Website and service analysis
Corporate website development
Development of websites at any level of complexity
Web service creation
Mobile app development
Crafting technical specifications and prototypes
Ongoing website maintenance and support


User interface and user experience (UI/UX) design
Designing mobile applications
Revamping and updating websites
Visual Identity and Branding Design
Graphic Design and Illustration Services
Responsive Web Design and Development
User-Centered Prototyping and Testing

For industries

For construction
For media and mass media
For education
For medicine
For IT companies
For online stores
For startups


Holistic marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing
SEO blog outreach
SEO marketing for e-commerce
Configuration of contextual advertising
Integrated social media marketing
Precision-targeted advertising

Elevate Your Digital Presence with Franklin

At Franklin Digital Agency, we're committed to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Our array of services, including user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design, mobile application development, and website revitalization, empowers you to make a lasting impact online. With a dedicated team of experts, we turn ideas into innovative solutions and visions into reality.

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Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to find answers to common queries. We believe in transparency and are here to provide clarity on our services, processes, and how we can assist you in achieving your digital goals.

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